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Have you ever been in a group that could be scattered anywhere?

Have you ever though it would be nice to see where they all are?

In a fun run, bike race, orienteering or just a group of friends visiting a big park or fair.

Thats where Stragl can help.

Stragl is a free mapping site where you can invite your friends to be a part of your stragl and see where they are on the map at all times. You dont have to be a participant, you can just be a spectator if you wish.

Stagl's mission is to provide a tool to allow tracking people for sporting or outdoor activities to enhance the participant's, organiser's or spectator experience, not to breach any privacy concerns.

When an event (a stragl) is created participants will be invited to join by the host.
Or participants and spectators can request to join. Once the stragl is finished all tracking will immediately stop.

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